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* Limited Edition * Beachfront Collection

Being from Arizona originally, I'm a warm-weather girl all the way! So when the cold spring of Colorado starts to transition to summer, I'm one happy girl! And even though I don't exactly live near the beach, if I can FEEL like I do, that makes the summer even better.

These new limited edition beachfront collection hits the spot for just that!

The coolest thing -- these products have a CHILLING effect - which is perfect for those HOT HOT days!! The collection includes:

1) LIP BUTTER (in 5 different shades)

This stuff is LUXURIOUS!!! Contains Shea butter, vitamin E, and a blend of olive, coconut, and jojoba oils nourish and condition lips.

The Peppermint oil creates a refreshing, chilling effect. It comes in five colors, including a clear shimmer shade that doubles as a topcoat.


The bronzer and highlighter can even double as eyeshadows!

OR - you can create a luminous finish by mixing directly with your foundation on a

makeup mixing palette. As you a apply it, you'll feel a refreshing, chilling effect as the encapsulated water technology transforms powder to liquid. YES - you heard that right -- it starts out as a POWDER - and then upon impact turns into a gorgeous, blendable liquid!

The three shades (bronzer, highlighter and blush) work together to create a full-faced glow.

#3) BEACHFRONT chilling prime and set powder

This is BOTH a primer AND setting powder ALL in one! (Talk about keeping it simple for the summer!)

This TWO-IN-ONE weightless formula works to BOTH set and prime, as well as blurs imperfections and gives a refreshing cool feeling.

To use as a primer:

1. Prior to removing lid, tilt and gently shake to disperse product into sifter.

2. Twist lid to reveal included sponge applicator.

3. Tap sponge into sifter to pick up desired amount of product.

4. Apply product over face to prime, enjoying a burst of cool.

5. Follow with your complexion routine.

To use to set makeup:

1. Prior to removing lid, tilt and gently shake to disperse product into sifter.

2. Twist lid to open.

3. Using the BEACHFRONT large brush, pick up desired amount of product.

4. Gently apply powder over face to set makeup while enjoying the chilling effect.

And the collection wouldn't be complete with out 2 face brushes specifically designed to be used with these products for a flawless application!

As these items are limited edition - I anticipate them selling out QUICKLY after they go live on the site TUESDAY, June 11th. To grab yours and not have to battle the crazy website lines, simply fill out this quick form:


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