• Michelle Bell

How to make $1K with Younique your VERY first month!

I'm a total numbers geek and I love breaking things down - so I have put together a PLAN for anyone starting with Younique - how to earn $1000 your VERY first month with Younique and exactly what you need to do to make that. The fabulous thing, of course, is that is JUST your first month! Imagine if you continue to work and build how much your income can grow to!!! In addition to raking in $$ you'll also be getting $600 worth of products to add to your kit. Talk about a savvy biz strategy!!

I'll be putting together a video soon to break this down a bit, but in the meantime, here's a printout.-- a ROAD MAP to our foundation rank of PINK. These numbers ARE based on someone brand new joining, but even if you've been around for a while and you're just now ready to do more - you can still put together a plan to put some major money in your pocket.

* Disclaimer: Incomes are NOT promised or guaranteed with Younique, however these incomes shown are based on simple mathematics -- if you do the exact activity listed, that is the exact amount you will earn.

You'll see on this PDF that it shows how to earn $925 your first month. To reach a full $1000 in earnings, you simply need to sell 1300 PRS instead of 1000 PRS and your check that month will equal $1K. Boom!


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