• Michelle Bell

the PERFECT lip color

okay - I'm just slightly excited because I have found THE perfect lip color. In fact, the only downside is that this is a LIMITED addition color. ONLY available in this month's kudos -- I'm thinking this is one of those times I totally NEED to stock up. Because, let's face it - when you find a color that looks amazing, it's totally a need, not a want. And I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Younique to release a lipstick line so I can finally put my Mary Kary lipstick in the "no longer need" pile. I've really likeD the lipgloss and lipstains from Younique, but I'm just a lipstick girl at heart. And this lipstick- HOLY COW ... best ever!!!! No weird scent or smell - goes on smooth.... stays on.. looks amazing! Ah! I'm in love!

And of course, bronzer has been on my favorites list for a few months now (this AZ girl needs her skin looking a bit more tan and not so white!) -- seriously, how did I live without this glorious stuff! And liner- of course -- that's a necessity. It's like this month's kudos was just meant for me! If you decide it's meant for you too - make sure to snag it before it's gone! And - it's a HUGE DEAL!! With the Kudos you save $17 buckaroos!!!! What a steal of a deal! Snag yours HERE.

Trust me on this one -- it's good stuff!! And you totally get to choose the color of precision pencil (doesn't have to be green - although green looks rockin' too!). In love? you betcha! Grab it here. Make sure to send me a quick selfie with the lipstick -- it's one of those things that can make you just feel better about your day :)

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