Save 38% on this bundle of an exclusive Holographic Highlighter and Holographic Lipgloss! Comes in a gorgeous gift box just for $39. Available Thanksgiving Day Only! Purchase by contacting Michelle at 702-271-2427 or directly on the site:

View ALL Younique Pressed Shadows

I am absolutely OBSESSED with all of Younique's Pressed Shadows! They go on smooth, blend incredibly well and have very little to NO fallout. Since it's hard to shop online, here are ALL of the current pressed shadows on skin so you can decide which colors YOU love the best! Want to grab one? SHOP HERE

Thanksgiving Freebie!

I love Thanksgiving! I love the food, the fun, the social gathering - and this summer I found out I am related to at least 8 of the original Plymouth settlers, including the captain of the Mayflower, the first baby born in the new world, and the Native American that introduced the pilgrim settlers to the more famous "Squanto". Grateful that they all survived that first rough winter is an understatement. In celebration of this time of the year, I've designed some elegant and cute name place cards that you can print out right at home, cut out, fold and use alongside your family dinner. DOWNLOAD FILE 1 DOWNLOAD FILE 2 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :) Michelle

Vendor Cards

So excited about these!! I love having pictures of the products at my vendor events - especially having the new products (limited edition / kudos) that may not be in our current catalog. So, I designed this set of vendor cards. Use them for any one-on-one appointments or vendor events. You can use them INSTEAD of a catalog (but you'll want to print out a pricelist as these do not have prices). I printed them and laminated them and punched a hole through the corner so I can keep the on a ring, but they would probably be fine not laminated and just printed on cardstock. Because the products are separate, when we get new products, I'll update the cards and you can just print out that ONE c

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